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Council 9976 News


The photo above shows the Ceremonial team (rear)and a First Degree Exemplification class (front) that was held at Council 9976 on Thursday, January 8, 2015. Five new First Degree members and/or wives joined the council, including, alphabetically: Brothers Justin P. & Bridget Blackman; Michael S. & Erin Bowles; Markus Hulquist; Andrew T. & Rachael McClain; and Michael Willis. Welcome to the council Brothers. Feel free to get involved in council activities.

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2014 - 2015 OFFICERS

Following are the Officers, some Activity Directors and Chairmen for 2014 - 2015
Phil Zeeck - Grand Knight;
Justin Bough - Deputy-Grand Knight / General Program Director;
Bob Holbrook - Chancellor;
Steve Komar - Warden;
Bob O'Dea - Recorder;
Tom Mc Isaac - Financial Secretary (appointed by Supreme),
Andy Mikes - Treasurer;
James Conwell - Advocate;
(The Lecturer is appointed by the Grand Knight);
Chuck Legerski - One year Trustee;
J. D. 'Dan' Griffin - Two year Trustee; 1-918-766-4564 Cell (No email)
Steve Geiger - One year Trustee;
Dave Plourde - Inner Guard; and
Mike Riedel - Outer Guard.


CHURCH DIRECTOR - Chancellor Bob Holbrook,


SUBSTANCE ABUSE activity program conducted with Squires
Rick Ross,


PR CHAIRMAN. Harold Kelso,

Rob Anderson,

Swecker, Jon D. & Stephanie FN,

Mikes, Andy I. PGK,

Justin Bough (Former Chief Squire),

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2014 Knight & Family of Year

Chancellor Bob Holbrook receives the Billings, St. Pius X Council 9976 Knight of the Year award from PGK James Conwell at the July 17 Awards Bar-B-Que in Billings. He organized the Council's Knights Sunday Masses and the coffee and rolls fundraiser for Coats for Kids. Br Bob chaired the ten week Catholic Seminar for the parish, the Soup ‘n Bread and Stations of the Cross.

He chaired the 2013 Annual Tootsie Roll Drive Br. Bob has been involved, since the beginning of the setup and teardown for FPYC guests.

Br. Bob was involved with the recent Montana Special Olympics, while it was held here in Billings and went 'Over the Edge' last year. He acts as parish liaison for the council. He also serves as a 'Hall Monitor' for the after school religious classes and the summer bible studies.
He will chair the Council portion of the 'Operation Never Forgotten' charity Bar-B-Que event to benefit veterans in August. Br. Bob has had a busy two years. He was also the 2013 Council Knight of the Year. A true Knight of Columbus.

District Deputy Art, wife Sandra and daughters Vanissa and Jacqueline Loendorf received Billings, St. Pius X Council 9976 Family of the Year Award at the Council July 17 Awards Bar-B-Que. For years, as a family, the Loendorfs have been involved in community activities, such as: the American Cancer Society;– 'Relay for Life'; – 2014 “Team 4 Elsie”; local and state Special Olympics; – Br. Art went “Over the Edge” for the State Special Olympics this year and Jacqueline did last year; Heart & Sole Run & Run! Turkey Run!, Council annual Christmas tree sale, annual Tootsie Roll Drive, parades & various other council activities,.
Br. Art is a third generation Knight for 36 years, following his grandfather and father. In addition to his DD duties, he is also Captian of the Fourth Degree Exemplification Team, Fr. Pauwleyn Assembly # 587 Faithful Comptroller and Provencal Marshal of the De Smet Province Fourth Degree.
A very active family and deserving of this award.

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Father Pauwleyn Assembly #587 Fourth Degree
meets at 7:00pm, the fourth Thursday of the month in the St. Pius X Church Day Chapel
from October to June.

All Fourth Degree Sir Knights are welcome to attend those nine months.

No meetings, July, August and September.

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The Council starts out the monthly regular Council dinner meeting with recitation of the Rosary at 6:30pm and
then a bite of food at 6:45pm in the Fellowship Hall on the Third Thursday of the month.
The general monthly meeting starts at 7:30pm

If you are a member of St. Pius X Parish, a Knight of Columbus,
but not a member of our Council, stop in and get acquainted.
We would invite your transfer into St. Pius X Council 9976, the 'men's club of the parish.'

Our Council of over 140 members will make you feel welcome.

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10 - 18 YEARS OF AGE -
Phone 652-5594

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Are you aware that there is a group of around 150 men and family members in the St. Pius X Parish community that since 1989 have contributed over thousands of dollars and thousands of man hours to help our church, community, youth, pro=life and fraternal activities?

Their annual dollar and volunteer contributions include:

CHURCH: To Church Facilities; Religious Education; Presbytiriate Dinner; and Seminarians, the great wooden door at rear of altar; the stained glass window in the fellowship hall; and Build a Memorial to the unborn and paver walk in Calvary Cemetery East of Church.

COMMUNITY: To Human needs; developmentally disabled (Special K Ranch, Local Special Olympics, Special Bowlers, Yellowstone Association of Retarded Citizens); St. Francis Special Ed ‘Learning Lab,’ Family Promise of Yellowstone County (FPYC) and Community projects, such as: helping move families, build wheel chair ramps as needed.

YOUTH: To Columbian Squires; Scouting; Athletics and Scholarships, Youth Basketball Free Throw Contest.

FRATERNAL: Visits to sick; to Bereaved; Pall Bearers (as needed) and Blood Donors.

PRO-LIFE: The council supports pro-life in all its stages.

Who is this group? We are the St. Pius X Council 9976, Knights of Columbus. Brother
Knights and their families, helping each other in their church, community, youth, pro-life and families to be better citizens. AND, for their efforts, your parish council has received the coveted ‘STAR COUNCIL AWARD’ from the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council, New Haven, CT for three years in a row.

Our council, as is the entire Order, is dedicated to the Blessed Mother and Her Holy Rosary. Each newly initiated member receives a Rosary, Blessed by our Supreme Chaplain, for their personal use.

Our National Order has over 1.8 million members in over 15,000 councils, similar to
St. Pius X Council 9976 around the world, from Poland, through the Americas to Korea.
Any Knight travelling the K. of C. world is a welcome guest in every council.

Our Order's founder, Blessed Father Michael J. McGivney's cause for canonization to
Sainthood, continues to move forward.

Internationally, Knights have donated thousands and thousands of hours and raised billions of dollars for charities to our church and communities.

Following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, our Order was one of the first
to respond with a disaster fund of over one million dollars for survivors of any Knight who was an Emergency Medical Tech, Police, Fire or Armed Forces Personnel
killed in the line of duty. Plus, the families of ANYONE killed in those disasters,
received a check for $3000.00 in emergency funds per family from the Supreme Office, regardless of who they were. K. of C. Insurance Agents delivered the first checks within three days after 9/11. As always with our Order, every child of any Knight who was killed while serving in any of the above capacities is eligible for a Catholic education in
any Catholic college or university - free of charge. The first recipient of one of
these scholarships started college in 2002. St. Pius X Council contributed $200.00
to the Survivors Fund.

After hurricanes that have devastated southern U.S. states, the Knights of Columbus has provided millions of dollars in reconstruction aid. Many Knights journeyed to those areas and volunteered to restore the cities.

After the hurricane that destroyed Haiti, the Knights donated additional thousands of dollars and hundreds of wheel chairs to the needy in Haiti. After the hurricane went through the east coast of the U. S. hundreds of Knights worked tireless in the cleanup and many councils opened their halls and buildings to assist survivors and act as aid stations.

On our local level, some of the projects ‘the men’s club of the parish’ has been involved with over the years are: the new Church building project – bolting pews together and landscaping, Parish Christmas Angels, Salvation Army ‘Dress-A-Child’ program for many years, Christmas tree sales with Council 1259, Assisting during Mass a Ushers and Eucharistic Minsters, Annual Tootsie Roll Giveaway Drive, where proceeds go towards local developmentally disabled citizens, manning the grill at the St. Pius Day Picnics, RCIA and Parish Family Sunday breakfasts, Painted a fence for one of our council widows; Provided manpower for a number of parishioners that needed help moving to new lodgings; Parish Senior's Giving Thanks Dinner, Council Memorial Mass & dinner for departed Brother Knights, Remodeling of the St. Pius X Youth Center, Give Rosaries to Moms on Mother’s Day after the Masses; Remodeling of the Grand Ave. and Downtown St. Vincent de Paul Stores, Sponsor our Columbian Squires Youth Group, Blood Drives, Setup and tear down for FPYC (formerly IHN), Annual Awards Bar-B-Que where Knights and Family of the Month and of the Year Awards are presented to deserving members and wives, along with Tootsie Roll proceeds checks to the five developmentally disabled groups that we support, Helped remove the pews and reset them after a floor cleaning and polishing, provided financial aid for youth groups touring and others in financial need, as our funds allow; provide monthly financial aid for seminarians and many, many, more large and small activities throughout the years.

Besides the Christmas tree sale, we also sponsor public Bingo for adults on Friday evenings at 7:00pm. Proceeds go toward our Council charities with a quarterly stipend to the parish. Fr. Pauwleyn Assembly 587 Fourth Degree conducts Adult Bingo on the fifth Sundays of the month at 2:00pm. Proceeds go towards Assembly charity programs.

For more information on your Parish Council; how to join; transfer into; or reinstate into, contact any of the following: Grand Knight Phil Zeeck, 671-5533; Deputy-Grand Knight Jon Swecker, 406-855-8496; Chancellor Bob Holbrook, 671-5694 (Cell); Financial Sec. Tom Mc Isaac 696-0571 cell or Treasurer Rob Anderson 696-0571.

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Eleven candidates were elevated to Deacon in the Catholic Church by Bishop Michael Warfel, rear row, center, on Saturday, June 7, 2014, in St. Patrick's Co-Cathedral, Billings.
Members of Fr Pauwleyn Assembly #587 Fourth Degree provided an Honor Guard for the occasion.
Sir Knight, Deacon Tom Landry, third Deacon from left, rear, is a Past-Grand Knight of Council 2614, Arkansas ('R-Kansas') City, Kansas, a current member of St. Pius X Council 9976 and Fr. Pauwleyn Assembly Fourth Degree, in Billings.
From L - R: Sir Knights PSD John Glen; FN-elect Jared Keller; Vice-Supreme Master of DeSmet Province, Fourth Degree, Ken Kingman, Billings, FN Jon Swecker; PFN Steve Geiger, Sir Knight Richard Wood, Sir Knight Terry Johns and PFN Dave Scott.
Photo by Nicole Geiger

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Current District Deputy Art Loendorf, a member of St. Pius X Council 9976 (L) and 1989 ‘Charter’ District Deputy George Dunbar of Billings/St. Patrick’s Council 1259, compare notes during the St. Pius X Council 9976 , 25th. Anniversary Dinner on January 13th. (Hint. Don’t blink when a camera is near.) The actual anniversary date is January 26th.

Five members of the original forty-three Charter Members are still active within the council, Brs. Victor Frank, Harold Kelso, Andy Mikes, Rick Ross and Chuck Sauvageau.

Council member Ken Kingman was recently appointed Vice Supreme Master, De Smet Province, Fourth Degree. DD Art Loendorf also serves as Marshall for De Smet Province, Fourth Degree.

Council Financial Secretary, Tom Mc Isaac, prepared a delicious roast pork dinner and was assisted in the serving and cleanup by his wife Loretta, Inner Guard Dave Plourde and others. Deputy-Gran Knight Jon Swecker served as MC for the evening.Thirty-two Knights, family members and guests attended.

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$100.00 BLACKOUT, if won in required numbers.

If not, prize is 70% of BLACKOUT games sold.

ADULT Parish members, Council members and the Adult Public are invited to come join the fun at 7:00pm for FRIDAY NIGHT BINGO in the Parish Fellowship Hall.

Adult Bingo moves to
2:00pm, Sunday afternoons durnig Lent.

Bingo is canceled if:
a funeral vigil, wedding, church holiday, or other activity occurs.


Cold soft drinks are available for .50¢.

Daubers are for sale for $1.00 each.

Bring adult friends and come join the fun on Friday.

We welcome Senior and other adult groups

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